The Two Strategies That Boost Motivation

Troubled with no motivation recently? This is not only happening to you. And too bad, we were not taught in school. Read on this article. Hope this can help you to get your motivation back.

There are two strategies boost motivation: purpose and incentives.

Purpose is finding the meaning behind a certain task. Incentives are extrinsic rewards for accomplishing a task.

Purpose and incentives are effective, they go hand in hand with each other. 

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I was surprised to learnt that a study showed that when volunteers were paid for their help, they actually volunteered less.

Does this simply mean that financial incentives don’t work? Well, no. The science is more complicated than that.

To find the answer, we need to understand that not all activities are alike, and motivators work differently with different types of activities.

If your task requires thinking, it is suggested to focus on why you are doing it. When it’s nothing but drudgery, you give yourself an extrinsic reward.

You can apply these principles of motivation to your daily life.

If your plan is to slim down, pen down your reason, plan out your diet and workout schedule. Give yourself a little bit reward every time you accomplish each steps. 

If you are trying to cut down smoking, focus on the why and establish a replacement habit. Then each time you do the replacement habit, add a reward at the end. This has the added benefit of making the habit easier to stick with. Your life will be getting better with these simple principles.

Extrinsic and intrinsic rewards can both work, but both need to be used in their respective area of strength. If you are doing a lot of tedious work, an extrinsic reward will be the best motivator.

If you need to increase the complex thinking and planning you or your colleagues do, a raise won’t work well as a motivator. Your best bet is to focus on the why. 

You have  learnt the secrets of getting motivated, choose your task, find the suitable motivator, and start.

Go out and do it!