The 7 Steps To Creating A Habit


There are likes and dislikes in terms of Self-Knowledge. You know you prefer running over boxing, coffee over tea.

Knowing your tendencies, you will find out what works best for you, whether get an accountability partner, a new phone app.


By penning down the time and place, less willpower would be needed to follow through with the behaviour.

As a general rule, the aim should be to simplify the planning as much as possible.

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External Accountability

People tend to do well with having other people keep them in check. Get your loved ones to help.

Environment & Convenience

We underestimate how our behaviors can be decided by simple convenience. We would rather give gym a miss due to the 10 minute drive. We would rather eat junk food over healthy food because junk food is just a call away.

Get your house and office filled with good foods will almost guarantees you eat better.


More than often we meet people keep saying they need to do something but never put it into action. They have a meaning problem. They have difficulty moving forward because they are not sure about what they can get out of it.  Understand the reason why you want to do something for a change, will keep you motivated after the initial habit ‘honeymoon’ period.


It is true that daily habits are easier to create than non-daily or weekly ones.

A daily schedule may make them feel obligated to follow through the habit.

It is known to us that giving yourself a reward will help you stick with it. However, this is not true. There is  an exception, which is the reward is given infrequently and is meant to further the habit it’s rewarding. Let’s say, buying new running gears after running 100 miles.

Think about the last habit you’ve successfully made a part of your life, apply the same techniques on a new habit.